Leaders of the Offerings

All of the Facilitators of Love’s Awakening Seminars have been involved with the Seminars for between 12 and 21 years.
They are all Disciples of Kalindi and The Lady.

Shar Gracelyn began helping to lead the Love’s Awakening Seminar 18 years ago after first participating in it in 1992. In her first Seminar, Shar found a personal connection to God and knew this was the most powerful transformative experience she had ever experienced. She trained with spiritual masters, the founders of the Seminar, and has been leading workshops and seminars all over the world, helping people find a greater connection to Self, God, Spirit, and their true calling in this lifetime.
Karin Mitschke: Having a diploma in social education Karin has been working over two decades as a mediator and social worker for families and couples in Germany, Holland and the United States. When she participated in one of the first Love’s Awakening Seminars in 1993 she had such a profound experience of the presence and love of God that she dedicated her life to supporting people in their search for true love in their lives: love for God, love for themselves, and love for others. Karin leads Love’s Awakening Seminars in Europe, guides spiritual workshops and meditations. She helps people individually through counceling and mediation.
Karin Mitschke
Daniel Cole Kaplan: Coming out of an academic background in psychology, counseling, and education, Daniel spent nine years in India studying a variety of meditation methods with a number of spiritual masters. Since immersing himself in the transformative spiritual work at Center of The Golden One, Daniel’s life has been seriously and joyously dedicated to helping people find self-realization and God-realization. Daniel has been facilitating Love’s Awakening Seminars and meditation workshops for almost two decades.
Juan Latuf – After years of seeking, when Juan met Kalindi and The Lady in 1994, he knew he had found the spiritual Path he was looking for. With great dedication, Juan embraced a rapid transformation to live a life rooted in his authentic and personal experience of the love of God. Since his years as spiritual leader in Latin America, he continues to lead Love’s Awakening Seminars, guides the Path to Ultimate Freedom in Europe, and is a Spiritual Master for Center of The Golden One.
Juan Latuf 2755
Sharon Heller, an Autism specialist, with extensive experience and leadership in the special education field, participated in her first Intensive in 2001. In this Seminar she had a profound, direct spiritual experience of the unconditional love of God. It became clear to her that she wanted her entire life to be about bringing more of this love into the world through her own transformation and living in service to her higher calling. Her deepest passion is supporting people to find more freedom, acceptance and connection to themselves and others – and ultimately to the divine love of God.
Sharon Heller
Lani Searfoss studied medicine and psychology searching for a way to help with the ordinary human suffering she saw around her. During her first Intensive in 1995, she found what she was looking for, which was a direct experience of the unconditional love of God and a meditation practice that facilitates practical life-changes and spiritual transformation. Since that time, she has spent years teaching meditation and facilitating Love’s Awakening offerings.
Lani Searfoss
Katy Pillar – As a facilitator for the Love’s Awakening 1-Day Seminar, Katy brings over 20 years of experience leading meditation workshops and programs. Through her own experience and dedication, she will assist seminar participants in finding the love and connection they are seeking through inner exploration and meditation.
Katy Pillar