Frequently Asked Questions

How do the Love’s Awakening Seminars work?

The Love’s Awakening Seminars are held in a supportive, structured, private, loving environment.

In all of the different Seminars, you are guided through a process that uses self-inquiry, meditation, sharing with other participants, movement and one-on-one personal help. You are supported throughout your Seminar to focus completely on your own journey of transformation and to face whatever may be standing in the way of you having your heart’s desire fulfilled.

By trusting your own inner desire and following the flow of the Seminar you can begin to see the layers of identification, concepts, beliefs, emotionally charged defenses, habits and patterns that keep you from directly experiencing the truest part of yourself and the real love that is already in your heart. The Seminars can help you let go of the lifelong pains, self-defeating habits and other inner obstacles to realize your true nature.

What kind of ongoing support is there after doing the
Love’s Awakening Seminars?

The Center of The Golden One offers a variety of ways to support you after your Seminar. There are further programs that build on your initial experience, spiritual teachings, books and talks. There are a variety of ways to associate with others transforming, and community events available to you.

After completing a Love’s Awakening Seminar you receive a 30-day plan to help you integrate spiritual tools and teachings into your everyday life. You will get a “support buddy” to be in contact with during that 30-day period and beyond to help you answer questions you may have.

You can sign up for follow-up programs that provide personal support in your continued spiritual work, help you learn new tools to use in your practice, and to help you keep a connection to the people you met at your seminar. Regular weekly group meditations are also available at the Center, as well as via live stream.

How are the facilitators trained?

Kalindi and The Lady, the founders of Center of The Golden One, developed the training for all the Love’s Awakening facilitators. The facilitators have gone through years of their own spiritual development and have participated in extensive leadership training. They receive regular continuing education and supervision in leadership.

I’ve been trying to get past an internal obstacle for years. Is there a way to address my personal situation in these Seminars?

The Love’s Awakening Seminars are tailored to your personal situation. You have an opportunity to work on the specific questions and challenges you want to address. The process is not psychological or academic. To make deep, lasting internal change, you are guided to go beyond the mind. As many have stated in the past, it is difficult to make the change you want on a spiritual level from hearing a lecture or reading a book. You have to experience it. The Love’s Awakening Seminars provide a safe and supportive structure to enable you to connect to your soul’s desire, the truest part of yourself and your personal connection to Source. From this depth, you are able to see and make many positive life changes.

What is the meditation practice that
I will be learning?

The Modern-Day Meditation practice that you will experience in the Love’s Awakening Seminars introduces you to a safe and healthy way to open within and release emotions, then calm, and access higher intelligence to help you think about important areas of your life and take the appropriate actions to change. From receiving the transformation energy of God through the meditation practice, you will find a level of calm and equipoise that will support you in all aspects of your life. The meditation practice can be active and involve physical movement or be silent and still. It uses different kinds of music to help you find your way within how you need to move individually.

Are there people it doesn’t work for?

The Love’s Awakening Seminars are not for everybody. It is strictly spiritual work, not psychological or therapeutic work and is not a substitute for therapy or recovery programs.

Which Love’s Awakening Seminar
is right for me?

The various Love’s Awakening Seminars were designed to support people who are at different circumstances in their life. Some people can only find the time for a 1-Day Seminar. Others are drawn to the 4-Day Seminar because they want to give four days of uninterrupted focus to their spiritual pursuit. Some people start with the 30-Day Seminar because it provides a sustained opportunity to learn and apply tools and practices.

If you have other questions after you review the specific Seminar descriptions or if you want to talk through your personal situation and what program might be the best fit for you, please contact us at