Breakthrough Meditation Days

Do you remember your experience when you meditated for an extended time, with  intense desire to break through  some area of obstacle, limitation  or illusion—and you came out freed up and so deeply connected to who you really are and to God, to the Source of Love?

Breakthrough Meditation Days are an opportunity for more breakthroughs, connection and letting go. You will be guided through sharing and meditation, and have the opportunity to be in community with others doing this type of spiritual work.

Come and break through into more love, light, and connection beyond the issues of the mind!

If you are a graduate of a Love’s Awakening 4-Day Seminar (or longer) you are invited to participate in a Breakthrough Meditation Day on the 3rd Saturday of certain months from 10am-5pm MT.

These days are available vial live stream anywhere in the world.


Registration closes at 6pm Mountain time 2 days prior to the day of the event.



$ 40 to participte on-site or via streaming

Breakthrough Meditation Days are included in the monthly fees for Freedom Walk and
Path to Ultimate Freedom.