About Us

Center of The Golden One® is a non-profit, non-denominational spiritual organization founded in 1991. It is headquartered in Denver, Colorado and has congregation members throughout the world. Primary Centers are located in Denver, Colorado; Munich, Germany; Buenos Aires, Argentina; and Perth, Australia. Other major communities include Asheville, North Carolina; Prescott, Arizona; San Jose, Costa Rica.

Center of The Golden One’s mission is to help people find a greater connection to the truth and love of God and for the more serious seeker, full union with God in this lifetime, no rebirth. Many seminars, meditations, and other programs are available to anyone regardless of faith, religion or spiritual practice. Center of The Golden One offers a vast number of tools and teachings overseen by self-realized leaders and masters worldwide to help guide those who participate to make profound and lasting inner changes that contribute to the overall evolution of consciousness of the planet. More love. More peace.

Among the Center’s offerings are:

  • The Love’s Awakening Seminars – 1-Day, 4-Day, 30-Day – are powerful, energetic, transformational experiences that help people to open to the Source and the discovery of who they truly are beyond their fear, concepts and conditioning.
  • The Modern Day Meditation practice, also referred to as the GMP Meditation practice, is specifically developed for the modern lifestyle to help people open to God’s energy, intelligence and unconditional love for themselves and others.
  • Two paths Home to God, Freedom Walk; and The Path to Ultimate Freedom, guided by a fully-aware Spiritual Master, The Lady.
  • A library of spiritual teachings, in books and audio downloads, for those seeking to find a deeper connection to God and to get help in every aspect of their lives.
  • In 2014 Center of the Golden One will launch an online college for spiritual transformation that will enable our teachings, meditation practices and workshops to reach the hearts and souls of millions of people around the world. It is through personal transformation that real change and God-consciousness will come to this world.

Center of the Golden One was founded by an Incarnation of God, Lord Gourasana, ”The Golden One” and two Spiritual Masters, Kalindi and The Lady. Over the last 20 years, many more spiritual masters, guides and teachers have emerged under Kalindi’s and The Lady’s guidance to assist in the spiritual transformation of people longing for spiritual freedom, for the love of God and, for some, to break free of the cycle of birth and death in this lifetime. No rebirth. Many others are breaking free of life-long concepts, beliefs, negative thinking and judgments, which cause separation and suffering, replacing them with greater love, truth and awareness.

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