4-Day Seminar

The Love’s Awakening 4-Day Seminar is the signature event of the Love’s Awakening offerings. The 4-Day Seminar is a residential program for a group of people, who each want to grow and transform in their life. Being together with the support of a like-minded group of people for four days of focused time together bolsters each person to move very deeply with themselves.

The Seminar offers an intimate, supportive environment for you to go within free of outside influences. Without the distractions from work, family, media, and familiar surroundings, you are able to give your undivided attention to the spiritual journey within that you are taking.

The Seminar is designed to help you go deep within yourself, to where you can access an undeniable connection with the Source of love and compassion.

From this place you have a sincere opportunity for change, for growth, for healing, and so much more. If you know you want to reach this depth of connection, the Seminar is for you. If you feel that you struggle with being distracted by your environment, time and busy-ness and you long for the time and space to focus within to experience the deepest part of your heart and soul, then this Seminar may be for you.

4-Day seminars are facilitated by:
Shar Gracelyn in Denver, Colorado
Juan Latuf in Latin America & Munich
Karin Mitschke in Munich
Cole Kaplan in Denver, Colorado and Perth, Australia
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