30-Day Seminar

The Love’s Awakening 30-Day Seminar takes you beyond the known, beyond your usual conditioned habits and patterns.

Jump into the passion, vitality and flow of your true self. Find God and find the endless love that awaits you.

The Love’s Awakening 30-Day Seminar is the most comprehensive of the Love’s Awakening Seminars. It is specially designed for people with a busy lifestyle: parents, executives, college students; people who have a full schedule.

Over the course of thirty days, you have the opportunity to learn a unique and powerful meditation practice that can helps you remove blocks and limitations while having an experience of a personal awakening with God. You can gain profound realizations, insights and a deeper connection to Spirit and self. You will have the opportunity to:

  • Tap in to something much bigger than yourself, a universal force of love, wisdom and compassion.
  • Find the keys to material and spiritual success and let go of what is sabotaging you.
  • Break out of the bondage of material conditioning.
  • Learn tools and teachings to overcome bad habits and break out of life-long negative patterns such as compromise, fear, complacency and isolation.
  • Find more love for yourself and more love to bring to all of your relationships.
  • Connect with a feeling of destiny — your desire to give and help change the world in some way.
  • Learn to live in ultimate freedom, loving and giving without limit.


Facilitated by:
Sharon Heller in Denver, Colorado
Juan Latuf in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Karin Mitchke
in Munich, Germany
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