1-Day Seminar

The Love’s Awakening 1-Day Seminar is a powerful, non-denominational experience that will help you open your body, mind, heart and spirit through inner exploration, meditation and movement. Like thousands who have touched upon this work, you can experience healing, passion, aliveness, and unconditional love. You can:

  • Learn how to deal with negative thoughts, judgments, stuck emotions, doubts, discouragement, fear and anxiety.
  • Uncover and nurture the qualities of compassion, humility, courage, and the ability to be in action in your life.
  • Experience what it is like to be connected to your true self.

The 1-Day Seminar is well-suited for parents of young children and individuals who want a taste of what is available through the Love’s Awakening Seminars and Center of The Golden One.

The 1-Day Seminar provides an opportunity for individuals, couples and families who want to deepen their current spiritual practices and move through blocks in a specific area of their life. This event also includes a follow-up evening on the Wednesday evening immediately following the event from 7-9 pm.

1-Day Seminars are facilitated by:
Lani Searfoss in Denver, CO; Juan Latuf and Karin Mitschke in Europe Chiara Zani in Latin America, and Daniel Kaplan in Perth, Australia and Katy Pillar in the US.
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